In reality, everyone knows how important employee training is, but this is still often overlooked when the list of priorities is made for expenditure.

Why to Hire Employee Motivation Trainer?

It is a must to-do for the managers to avoid sleepless night due to the hindered growth of the company. Most employees want to progress in their careers, and do realise the importance of employee training.

You, as a manager, should learn how to conduct trainings in the company, and interest your employees in it. The best Employee Motivational trainer in Chandigarh: Mr. Girish Anand, has expertise in this field. Our trainings are interesting and we use videos, photos, real life lesions and demonstration sessions to train effectively and increase the percentage of practical implications of the trainings to the highest level.

Employee Motivation Tips

There are various ways to motivate your employees

            1.Make them a part of the regular organisational culture
Your culture must support these trainings in order to engage your employees into it.

            2.Feedback is important regularly:
Your employees should be able to see the before and after in their work and the exact improvement they have made after taking these trainings.

If they will see results, they will be motivated further to take up such sessions, and this is how these will be more effective.

            3.They should never be boring:
If the training is not interesting, there is going to be minimal learning. The employees are just going to wait for it to get over and it would be a waste of money for the company.

The training sessions should include real life suitable examples and informative videos. The employees should be able to see a practical connection between the content and their work.

If they cannot spot it, it is the responsibility of the trainer to make that bridge.

The employees should be able to visualise the exact goal of the training and how their work can contribute to the success of that session.

Again, this is the duty of the trainer itself to brief it before the actual training starts.

            5.Relevance of the training is of prime importance:
The training sessions are to be customised according to the need to the company and the managers. If the same training programme is copy and pasted to all the companies, it would be useless for them. A short meeting of the trainer and the company officials is very important so that they can sit and discuss the important needs the company has from the employees and thus the things the employees need to be trained in is decided based on that meeting.

            6.Identify their strengths and not just their errors:
In trainings, one should only not focus on improvement in the areas which need improvement, but also, to identify and appreciate the areas one is already good at, so that he/she improves and also can be assigned more work accordingly so that it gets done perfectly.

The Employee Motivational trainer in Chandigarh: Mr. Girish Anand, specialises in all the above points and is known for his quick results.

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