BODY LANGUAGE- Everybody has its language and everyone else knows how to read it, especially smart people (like your interviewers). You talk and your body talks, and you both need to be on the same page to make a statement. Body language is something that needs no kind of explanation. When you go for an interview, your words and your body language are supposed to be coordinated with each other. Your body should show what your words say. If they are not coordinated, it could mean that you are lying. For example, when you are saying something like, “I am very professional and attentive”, but on the other side, you are sitting all relaxed on the chair unprofessionally. Things here will not look very convincing. Another example is that when you say that you are all comfortable but, your body language is very defensive, i.e., arms folded and stiff. This will come across as a complete lie. You should not throw contradicting statements, that is, one from your mind and the other from your body. Body language includes a lot of things like your way of walking, posture, style of sitting, the position of your arms, your expressions, and your eye movements. Every small movement of your body will be counted in your presentation and will matter in your selection. Mastering this is not very difficult if you consciously try to improve on this. You can. First of all, the most important thing is to relax a little. If you are tensed, it will show up in your body language and you will look very stiff and will show your nervous side. You need to be seen as very comfortable in a professional setup, as, when you are employed, you may come across many tough situations which you are supposed to handle calmly. Walk straight with your back straight and chin up. Be seated comfortably only when they ask you to sit. After some time, do not slip back on the seat. You need to be alert the whole time as it is a very important day and a very decisive time. Your eyes should not be staring, not looking down or up. Make eye contact with the person who is talking to you and regularly address everyone in the room. Don’t drag your feet on the floor while walking and don’t shake your legs while sitting. Do not move your hands too much while talking and also take care to not fiddle with anything on the table. Don’t bang the door while entering or exiting the interview room and take a firm walk while going out of the interview. All this and a lot more is a part of your body language and very important in your selection in the interview.


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